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Help with my Link ECU

If you are after more information about your Link ECU, these steps are here to help.


As a proud Link ECU Owner, your first port of call should be the Owner’s Manual.

This comes in the box along with the ECU when purchased, but can also be downloaded here.  

Download a Manual


Secondly, Link’s tuning software, PC Link, has a Help file which can be found by pressing F1.

This Help File lists all features within PC Link, categorically indexed to make things easy for you to find.

Click here to view all versions of PC Link (there is different tuning software for different versions of ECU). 

Download PC Link


Thirdly, The Link ECU Forums contain plenty of information. Use the search bar to find the information you are after.

Link ECU Forums


Our Youtube Channel also contains information, tech tips and product features.  

Link ECU Official Youtube


Finally, we have Tech Support available for Dealer’s questions. Please refrain from contacting Tech Support until you have made use of the resources listed above first.   


For Unlock Codes, Warranty or Servicing enquiries, please note you will need to contact the Link ECU Dealer who you purchased the Link ECU from. Link does not sell direct to the public.