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PCLink – Latest Release Notes

PCLink Version 5.x.x.3338 (DLL Rev 3260) – 15-02-17


  • Fixed bug where users updating from 5.6.2 to 5.6.5 were required to enter a factory unlock code.

G4+ Firmware Version – 18-04-17


  • Add CAN frames to Audi TT mode to support later models.


  • DI 3 & 4 pullups now remain enabled after power cycle on Monsoon.
  • VVT PID gains no longer lost on power cycle when PID Setup is set to Custom.
  • Fixed Overrun Fuel Cut going to 100% duty cycle in Multipoint Group Mode (broken since
  • Injection pulse no longer goes to zero if overlay fuel table is activated.
  • Staged injection now fires secondary injectors when sequential primaries and group secondaries are selected.
  • GDI HPFP no starts pumping when under pressure fault exists (broken since