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Name: Elias Hountondji

Nickname: Eli

DOB: 25.12.1985

City you live in: Rechberghausen, GER (A small village between Stuttgart and Ulm)

Profession: Aerospace Engineer

Current race/drift car: BMW E30, 7.0L V8, ±610bhp, ±780Nm

Team: Red Bull Driftbrothers

What forms of motorsport have you raced in? Drifting!

What are your best achievements? Besides titles and podiums, almost ten years of competitive motorsport without a single missed race due to technical errors of the cars.

What do you love about cars? I am fascinated by tall the engineering aspects that go into a car and allow it to do what it does.



Red Bull Driftbrothers BMW E30 7.0L V8

Throwback to one of our meanest battles in 2017 – Elias Hountondji chasing during Drift Masters Grand Prix at Nürburgring

Posted by Red Bull Driftbrothers on Tuesday, December 5, 2017


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