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Name: Ahmad Daham

Nickname: Daham

DOB: 14/1/1987

City you live in: Amman-Jordan

Profession: Drifter/Tuner

Current race/drift car: Nissan Silvia

Team: Red Bull

What forms of motorsport have you raced in? Time Attack, HillClimb, Rally,

What do you love about cars? The huge variety and various modifications that transform normal cars into a track beast vice versa.

Why drifting? Drifting is what I found out I enjoy after trying almost all kind of Motorsports, it is the only sport that gives me a different adrenaline rush



Oman International Drift Championship – Round 2

Here’s what went down with us at round 2 of The Oman Oil Internationl Drift Championship ! Watch and enjoy ! حابين تعرفو شو صار معنا في جولة عمان التانية ؟ احضرو ملخصنا او شو صاير معنا باليومين !#AD24 #ahmaddaham #RedBull Link ECU Radium Engineering Competition Clutch Tensai Tuning NMK Performance The Moe Production

Posted by Ahmad Daham on Thursday, February 22, 2018