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G4+ BMW E36 S50 – Standalone ECU calibration strategy with VE modeling & table blending

Our friends over at Ace Performance Tuning have posted this Blog  about a Standalone ECU calibration strategy with VE modeling & table blending for the G4+ BMW E36 S50 ECU. Link ECU systems have an advanced fuel modeling function now. You fully characterize the fuel delivery system of the engine (fuel flow), then enter in basic data like engine […]

What is Engine Knock?

You may have heard the term ‘Knock’ and wondered what exactly Knock is? Knock, also referred to as detonation is when the air fuel mixture ignites incorrectly, more like an explosion than a controlled burn. Knock can seriously damage or destroy your engine in seconds so it’s crucial to understand what causes knock and ensure […]

CAN Setup: Link G4+ to Race Technology Dash 2 Pro

How to setup CAN communication between a Link G4+ or Vi-PEC iSeries ECU and a Race Technology Dash 2 Pro.

How the Quick Tune function works using the Link G4+

Do you want to speed up your fuel table tuning? This free video lesson looks at how to configure and use the Quick Tune function. Using a wideband lambda sensor connected to your ECU the Quick Tune function can be used to help speed up the process of tuning your fuel table. Quick Tune can […]

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