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Getting Started

For some, choosing a new ECU can be a daunting task. For the more seasoned professional, it can be a breeze.

What about when you have your ECU installed, what next?

No matter what your level, we have all of the information you could need to help you decide which Link ECU is the right one for you, how to get setup and what features you can take advantage of.

Which is ECU is for me?

Comparison chart

Our handy comparison chart allows you to see the various features available across the Link ECU range.

Plugin’s -v- Wirein ECU’s

Discover the differences between the two different standalone ECU’s that Link offer, as well as the advantages of each.

Plugin ECU’s explained

Link Engine Management have the widest range of Plugin ECU’s in the world. Find out what makes them one of our most popular factory replacements.

Wirein ECU’s explained

For those more complicated or specialist projects, Link’s range of Wirein ECU’s will allow you to maximise the potential of your engine.

Product Features

G4X – Link’s latest platform

Our latest range of products come packed full of the features you would come to expect from a Link ECU, with improved logging and faster processing, giving you access to more accurate data.

CAN Lambda explained

One of Link Engine Managements most popular accessories, the Link CAN Lambda can provide you with vital air fuel ratio data, enabling you to prevent shortening the life of your engine.

KnockBlock explained

Another popular accessory, Link’s KnockBlock system allows you to listen both audibally and digitally via PC Link, to see if there is knock present while the engine is running.

Accessories with your ECU

By using your Link ECU with our wide range of accessories, you can monitor vital information such as air intake temperature and add extra features like launch control.

Tuning Features

Motorsport features

Link’s range of ECU’s have a wide range of features and inputs applicable to performance vehicles, including traction control, gear shitft control and data logging.

Engine protection features

If you’ve invested heavily in your engine, then you’ll want to make sure it never has any fatal issues. In conjunction with our accessories, Link ECU’s have various engine protection features to prevent any expensive problems.

Flex Fuel capabilities

Yes, that’s right. ALL Link ECU’s come with Flex Fuel capabilities, making it a breeze to set up and to enjoy the advantages on any supported engine.


PC Link “Graphic View”

Our PC Link software has numerous screens, graphs and views for you to choose from, which means you can see all of the essential data you need, in a way that suits you and your setup best.

Fuel equations in PC Link

With three types of fuel equations available in PC Link, tuners should be able to get the perfect tune for your engine, setup and requirements.

ECU Fault Codes

Should you run into any issues with your ECU, it will give you a “fault code”. Our online table will be able to help you diagnose what the issue is.

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