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Why an aftermarket ECU?

An aftermarket ECU will open up huge opportunities for your car.

Electronic control unit’s control most aspects of modern engines. The ECU computer reads sensor inputs such as RPM, engine load, intake air temperature, amount of oxygen in the exhaust and more. It then uses these readings to calculate the optimum timing of the spark, and amount of fuel required to keep your engine running optimally.

This ability to change the timing and fueling of an engine has become very important nowadays with the predominance of Fuel Injection.

Some modern ECU’s have a small amount of self-tuning allowing them to make these adjustments as the engine runs, but many control units are simply too old to re-programme. Some are even locked by the factory making alterations to the original settings impossible. Additionally, modifications done to an engine such as fitting a turbo or aftermarket cams, are features that in most cases are not supported by the factory ECU. To control these functions and therefore gain the most out of your customized engine an aftermarket ECU such as a Link standalone unit is required.

Aftermarket engine management solutions offer tuning flexibility that is incomparable to that of the standard unit and software. Allowing the user to create and program a custom fuel and ignition map for a specific engine, they offer a fast engine management solution for any combustion engine.

Essentially, and aftermarket ECU allows you to unleash the potential of your engine, making the most of what already exists.


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