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ECU Service Requests

Instructions For Completing A Service Request

  1. You must first contact Link Technical Support. Our team will decide if the ECU needs to be returned. This can be via email or phone.
  2. If the ECU is to be returned, the Service Repair Form (below) must be filled in and emailed or enclosed with the return package. ECUs received by us without a completed Service Repair Form will not be accepted.
  3. Please declare the value of the second-hand item at less than $400 NZD or you will need to pay a customs clearance fee as part of the service cost.
  4. When you have completed the form, please arrange tracked shipping of the ECU via your preferred provider to us at:

Link Engine Management Ltd
2 Baigent Way
Christchurch 8024
New Zealand


Link Engine Management UK Ltd
156 Great Charles Street 
Birmingham, B3 3HN
United Kingdom 


  1. If your ECU repair is not covered by warranty, we will send you a cost estimate and payment details by email. When the estimate is approved and paid by you, the repair will proceed. Note that if an estimate is not accepted, our minimum charge will apply
  2. When your ECU is repaired, it will be returned to the address you specified on the Service Repair Form.




Service Repair Form

Please fill out all fields and include as much information as possible to help with solving the


Your email

Your address

What is your ECU model, serial number and vehicle type?

Place of purchase - where was the ECU purchased from?

Date of purchase:

Are you a Link ECU dealer? YesNo

How was the unit installed and tuned?

What symptoms make you think the unit is in need of repair?

Has the problem been there from new? YesNo

Have you been in touch with Link ECU to discuss the issue? YesNo

If the ECU has password protection enabled, can you please provide the passcode

Please provide your preferred contact details

Warranty: I accept that if returned as a warranty claim, (i.e. unit is less than one year old) and no fault is found, or the fault is deemed to have been caused by the user, there will be a servicing charge.

Please enter any tracking information here



Service Expectations

We operate Servicing and Technical Support between the hours of 8:30am to 5:00pm (NZST) Monday to Friday. We are closed for weekends and public holidays. There is a two week shutdown over the Christmas and New Year holiday period.

Our Service Department offers the following:

  • G1 Product –  Limited testing, repairs and reconfiguring or upgrades. Minimum charge $150 then by the hour.
  • G2 and G3 Product – Testing and repairs. Minimum charge $150* then charged by the hour.
  • G4, V44, V88 – Testing and repairs. Minimum charge $150* then by the hour (when not covered by warranty)
  • G4+, i44, i88 – Testing and repairs. Minimum charge $150* then by the hour (when not covered by warranty)
  • EMX ECUs (pre G1) are not supported or serviceable.

Turn around time on these repairs and servicing are typically no longer than:

  • G1 – 14 working days from receipt of ECU
  • G2/3 – 7 working days from receipt of ECU
  • G4, V44, V88 – 4 working days from receipt of ECU
  • G4+, i44, i88 – 3 working days from receipt of ECU

In cases where additional time is required to resolve an issue, we will advise of the delay that could be expected.

*All pricing is excluding tax and/or duty and is in New Zealand dollars.

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