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Here at Link Engine Management we have the world’s largest range of PlugIn ECU’s. PlugIn units are a direct replacement for your factory ECU, specifically built for each model of car.     Majority of the Link G4X PlugIn range slides straight into your factory enclosure, making installation a breeze. A couple of our PlugIns […]

An aftermarket ECU will open up huge opportunities for your car.   Electronic control unit’s control most aspects of modern engines. The ECU computer reads sensor inputs such as RPM, engine load, intake air temperature, amount of oxygen in the exhaust and more. It then uses these readings to calculate the optimum timing of the […]

We all know that tuning engines for high performance can be costly and tiresome, but just how costly are you willing to allow your build to be? Link Engine Management offer a range of accessories which can prevent a small mishap within your engine from turning fatal. Fluid pressure, fluid temperature, CAN lambda and knock […]

Did you know all Link ECU’s have Flex Fuel capability?   This includes all of our plug-in ECU’s as well, making it a breeze to enjoy the advantages of flex-fuel on any supported engine.     All of our ECU’s feature extra Digital Inputs allowing for the easy addition of an Ethanol Content Sensor.   […]

For the month of January 2018, the Link G4+ EVO IV-VIII plugin ECU will continue to be available at a special price. This sale will not be repeated in the near future, so give your car the love it deserves in 2018 and secure yours today. Link Plug-In ECUs provide a straight forward way to […]

One of our favorites from PRI, this stunning  snowmobile built by LinkECU tuner Hypersports, is an absolute giant killer. The 1177cc 2 cylinder arcrylic cat/suzuki 4-stroke engine features a Precision Gen2 6062 and Precision turbo wastegate and is run on Methanol. The engine management is hosted by a Link Fury standalone ECU. The chassis and […]