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Engine Management Glossary   Analogue Inputs can be wired to any type of analogue input such as a MAP sensor or Throttle Position Sensor. Analogue sensors will output a signal in the range of 0v to 5v.   Antilag is a feature used on turbocharged engines to minimise turbo lag. It works by igniting fuel […]

If you are after more information about your Link ECU, these steps are here to help.   As a proud Link ECU Owner, your first port of call should be the Owner’s Manual. This comes in the box along with the ECU when purchased, but can also be downloaded here.     Secondly, Link’s tuning […]

EXhilaration Starts Here! Link’s latest platform, G4X, is headlined by a faster microprocessor, high speed communications chip and 512 Megabytes of data logging across the entire product range.   This range includes the AtomX, MonsoonX, StormX, XtremeX and FuryX* WireIn ECUs, plus the entire PlugInX category. Link’s PlugIn ECUs remain unique in that they are […]

If you require a legacy version of PC Link for an older Link ECU, then you can download the software here. Please be aware that support for legacy software is limited – contact technical support if you are experiencing any issues. Link G4X ECUs Release Date PC Link Version Includes Firmware Compatible Firmware Versions Release […]

PC Link is a professional engine management system tuning tool designed specifically for use with Link ECUs. Originally, PC Link was designed to tune vehicles, adjust ECU parameters and watch runtime information. Now, PC Link can do this and much more. In addition to simply programming an ECU, PC Link provides advanced time saving tuning […]

Ever wondered how you can change the layout of our expert tuning software PCLink to show different graphs, colors and layouts? Have a watch of this tutorial from one of the Link ECU engineers Dave, as he guides you through PC Link’s graphic view.  

  Do you plan on competing? Or building a competition vehicle? All Link ECU’s host a huge array of features and inputs applicable to performance vehicles. Selecting which of these are important to your build should be one of the first steps you make before deciding which ECU to purchase. With competition in mind, some […]

  The Link G4+ KnockBlock is an essential tool for tuning. The compact unit is used to aid in detecting engine detonation before it becomes engine damaging. Incorrect ignition timing, lean air / fuel mixtures and mechanical issues can all contribute to ‘knock’ (AKA detonation), which will greatly reduce engine life if not detected and […]

WHY SHOULD YOU USE A CAN LAMBDA SENSOR?   A CAN LAMBDA sensor, often referred to as an oxygen sensor, measures the level of oxygen in exhaust gases. This level is critical in obtaining the optimal air fuel mixture when tuning an engine. *CAN refers to the Controller Area Network which acts as the ‘nervous system’ of […]

Which do I choose?   Link Engine Management have two different types of standalone ECU’s on offer – a PlugIn ECU and a WireIn ECU. Deciding which type to choose for your engine is difficult when you don’t know where to start. Here, we explain the difference between the two types of ECU and help […]

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