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The G4X MiniLink MINI-X PlugIn ECU is the latest version of Link ECU’s Plug and Play option for the BMW Mini R53. Running on the G4X platform means the MiniLink now features a faster processor, faster communications chip and a whopping 512 megabytes of data logging. G4X also ensures some of the Motorsport features available […]

Rotaries. You either love, or hate them. The distinct triangular rotor design makes for a unique noise and huge amount of power for the engine size. Here at Link, we offer electronic engine management for rotary vehicles via our two ECU options. Firstly, our WireIn ECUs can control most manual, rotary engines on the market […]

New Product Alert  Link ECU is pleased to present the Link MXG Strada 7″Dash Display to the market.  Two versions of the Link MXG Strada 7″ Dash Display, powered by AiM Technologies, are now available for purchase via all Link ECU Dealers! Both the Link MXG Race version and the Link MXG Street version are […]

Link’s Tuning software PC Link has a variety of Start-up Maps to choose from.   Start-Up Maps act as the start point for your engine tune using a Link ECU.   Within a Start-Up Map, the tuning maps, functions and ECU settings are pre-configured within ‘range’ for the specific engine the map was designed for. […]

What accessories are required to maximise your Link ECU? We sell a variety of sensors and extras which complement aftermarket ECUs, but you may be wondering where to start and which ones are really necessary.   With Link’s range of PlugIn ECUs (catering for over 30 vehicles), you can generally make use of the factory […]

Link Engine Management are Global Leaders in Engine Management Technology. The expansion of Link ECU into new regions has been significant over the past five years, with Authorised Dealers now selling in over 65 countries around the world. As our ECU’s reach all all over the globe, we are endeavouring to cater for these new […]

If you require a legacy version of PC Link for an older Link ECU, then you can download the software here. Please be aware that support for legacy software is limited – contact technical support if you are experiencing any issues. Link G4X ECUs Release Date PC Link Version Includes Firmware Compatible Firmware Versions Release […]

Link Engine Management are proud to announce the latest addition to their wide range of ECU’s and accessories – the Link MXS Strada dash, powered by AiM technologies. This dash is the result of a partnership between the New Zealand based engine management company and world-renowned driver display manufacturer originating from Italy, AiM Technologies. The […]

Didn’t think you would ever convert to drive-by-wire, but now reconsidering? Link Engine Management now has the solution for converting your cable throttle to a drive by wire configuration with our NEW E-throttle module! Cable throttles are now being replaced by electronic versions which provide finer control and allow connectivity to other parts of the […]

  The Link G4+ KnockBlock is an essential tool for tuning. The compact unit is used to aid in detecting engine detonation before it becomes engine damaging. Incorrect ignition timing, lean air / fuel mixtures and mechanical issues can all contribute to ‘knock’ (AKA detonation), which will greatly reduce engine life if not detected and […]

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