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Frequently Asked Questions


Where can I buy a Link ECU from?

Link ECU’s can be purchased through an authorized Dealer. We have over 1,500 around the world. Find your closest Dealer here.


Do you sell direct?

We only sell through our Dealer Network. This is to ensure that users of Link ECU’s get the ultimate experience, i.e. not just a great product but also the support and tuning necessary to maximize the performance of your vehicle.


Is your software free to download?

Yes! Please use the following link to download our expert tuning software PC Link onto your desktop. This works with Windows operating system. Even if you are having a Professional tune your car (highly recommended), you can still download PC Link and utilize the ‘help’ files to learn more about your vehicle and the tune enhancing the performance of your vehicle.


I need an unlock code. 

Please contact the Dealer who you purchased the ECU from. They will have access to the unlock code. This is for anti-theft measures.


I’ve lost my Owners Manual.

You can download a new copy here.


Why should I buy a Link ECU? 

Link ECUs are renowned for being extremely reliable, affordable and easy-to-use. Plus, the Link unit will give you complete control over your engine. Read more here.


Will a Link ECU work in my car?

Highly likely. Our Wire-In units are adaptable to almost any petrol engine. Contact a dealer  for specific advice on your engine, or have a look at the Comparison Chart here.


How do I know which ECU is right for my car?

Firstly, you need to work out which features you want and how many inputs & outputs these will require. This comparison chart explains which of our ECU’s host which features.

If you are still unsure, please don’t hesitate to contact a dealer who will be able to point you in the right direction.


Can a Link ECU be used to tune my motorcycle?

Link ECU’s work on most petrol engines. They are used to control cars, motorcycles, airplanes, jetski’s, drones, snow mobiles, boats; all to great effect!


Can I tune the Link ECU myself?

We advise you take your car to an authorized Link ECU Dealer for tuning.


What’s so good about the G4X range of ECUs? 

Released at the end of 2019, G4X is our latest platform. Its the one will update and add features to moving forwards, and its pretty awesome! Read the specifications here.


Can you send me some stickers for my car?

Yes, when the COVID-19 lockdown ends. Email marketing@linkecu.com for more information.


I am a dealer encountering an issue tuning my car with the Link ECU, who do I contact?

Please contact tech support via LiveChat, email or Facebook messenger.


Where are you based?

While our head office is based in Christchurch, New Zealand, we also have sales offices in Birmingham, U.K., and Detroit, U.S.A. We have four fulfillment warehouses around the world to ensure deliveries to our dealers are prompt.


Can you fix my ECU?

Yes, we do repairs at the head office in New Zealand. Check out this page for instructions on what to do if you wish to have a repair completed. Please note we have an EXTREMELY low failure rate, and a Limited Lifetime Warranty policy – meaning that if your ECU breaks in the course of its normal use, we will repair or replace to unit free of charge. Repairs due to water damage, shortages or fire damage will incur repair charges.


How do I get sponsorship?

You can apply to be sponsored by filling out the Sponsorship Application PDF. Please consider the effect COVID-19 is having on the global marketplace at present, and that we may defer your request until later in the year.


Will you feature my build on your social media?

Send photos and detailed information of the specifications and outcome of your build to our digital marketing department for consideration: marketing@linkecu.com



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