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We recognise the value of sponsoring and supporting high-profile drivers, vehicles and teams

No sponsorship from Link is a ‘hand-out’ or donation; we aim to develop partnerships to provide Link with increased exposure in identified motorsport and powersport events and in the media.

We aim to enhance our brand and its image; we require sponsorship partnerships with high performing teams and individuals in selected countries.

It is for this reason, and the fact that we receive many sponsorship requests, that we require you to present a formal written proposal including a completed Sponsorship Application Form in order to receive a Link sponsorship.

Your entire proposal (including our Sponsorship Application) must be emailed or mailed to our Sponsorship Team for review.

Each completed sponsorship proposal will receive proper consideration but there is no guarantee that your application will be successful.

Link endeavours to assist as many motorsport and powersport teams and enthusiasts as possible to make a difference. Unfortunately, we cannot assist all individuals and groups that approach us but we do undertake to consider your application in a fair and deserving manner.

Sponsorship requests will only be considered if our Sponsorship Application form is completed and the requested information is provided. Sorry but we have so many requests that this needs to work for us. We will not accept applications over the phone.


Please Note:

Link will not sponsor drivers, vehicles, teams, events or organisations that:

  • Could damage Link’s reputation or put into question Link’s morals, ethics, values or social responsibility
  • Require a financial ‘bail-out’ to pay for the commercial survival of a driver or team
  • Have the potential to polarise the community (for example, events, programs or organisations involving a religious, political, activist or life threatening activity)
  • Support our competition
  • Will just take our sponsorship for granted, who expect Link to support them with little or no effort in return. The “I will put your logo on my car” promise – this is not enough!


Other Considerations
  • All sponsorship requests must identify a local Link dealer or tuner who will support you. If there is not a Link dealer or tuner in your area, please identify a dealer or tuner that will be willing to support the Link brand of performance products. Link sponsorships rely on the endorsement of an automotive tuner or performance garage who is willing to support Link products, install and tune your Link ECU and accessories.
  • We cannot help everyone; we are sorry but it is a commercial reality.
  • All sponsorship allocations are subject to normal budgetary considerations.
  • We will take 4-6 weeks to process your application. Please be patient and plan ahead.


Download a PDF of the Sponsorship Application Form





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