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Worthouse Drift Team Formula Drift Nissan’s

The Worthouse Drift team are a signature icon of the Drift world. Quality, consistency and skill are key staples for the team who put in thrilling, winning performances repeatedly in Formula Drift USA competition. While Worthouse Drift Pilot James Deane has dominated the past two seasons, winning two FD titles in the process, teammate Piotr Więcek has been providing strong competition to Deane of late. Więcek took his first FD Round win in Washington this year!

One thing is for certain – both drivers have the equipment they need to WIN.

Let’s take a closer look at the Worthouse cars being used in FD this season…

At the beginning of the year, the cars underwent a chassis change. The reason for this was simply because of the time it would take to rebuild the 2017/18 chassis, which had successfully completed two hearty seasons. In 2019, the Nissan S14 shells play home to a 980 horsepower 2JZ engine. ‘Robust is a must’ in this case! Sending the car sideways with such high horsepower places huge demands on Drift machines.

The Worthouse Drift Team competition cars are shipped to Europe at the end of each Formula Drift season; back to the team headquarters in Poland. While there, they undergo engine work and general maintenance. While the 2JZ remains 3 litre with the stock Toyota crankshaft, the head is CNC ported in Europe and 1mm oversized valves are used.

The Link Thunder ECU has been the ECU of choice since 2017. In the lead up to the 2019 season, the team also installed the Link Strada dash to display all the data from the ECU in real-time to the Driver in the cockpit. G-Garage, Poland, tuned the Link Thunder / 2JZ combination. Once the cars arrived back in the USA for the start of the 2019 Formula Drift season, Link ECU USA vice-president Jason Ofelein has been able to provide some additional support as both James and Pitor have been completing exhaustive testing throughout the season.

During testing, safety parameters are utilised to ensure that if anything drastic goes wrong, the engine will go into limp mode to prevent prior to nasty engine damage occurring. Over-boost safety parameters are also used, both in testing and competition, to prevent turbo or engine failure . This is particularly important considering the various aftermarket modifications done to the cars. The data logging capabilities are another of the key features within PC Link software which is used repeatedly throughout the year. Engine oil and coolant temperature and pressure are measured constantly via the logging. AFR is also closely monitored along with MAP, air intake temps and nitrous control.


Other specifications of the Worthouse 2K19 cars include:

Which suspension – BC Racing custom coilovers ZR series. 

Turbo – Borgwarner EFR 9180. 

Steering – Wisefab

Wheels – 7Twenty style 55

Engine – 2JZ GTE, CP Pistons, Carrillo rods, Kelford cams, Titan motorsports main caps, ACL race series bearings, Nitrous express direct port nitrous, Hypertune Intake manifold, ETS exhaust manifold, Tial wastegates.

Gearbox – Quaife 69G

Clutch – ACT tripple plate 

Differential – Winters quick change.

Axles – Drive Shaft Shop 

Seats – Corbeau revenge racing seats.



The Worthouse cars will be once again showing their class in California this weekend at the Formula Drift 2019 Title Fight. The Irwindale circuit always provides exhilarating competition which will be at an all-time high this weekend, as James, Piotr and Fredric Asabo battle for the 2019 Championship Victory.

Watch the Worthouse cars and Driver’s in action this weekend LIVE via the Formula Drift or Link ECU Facebook pages.

Join us in wishing them all the very best for the final major event of the year!  

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