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Sep ’19 EVO I-III PlugIn ECU Promo!

Date: 10 months ago

For FIVE DAYS ONLY, Link Engine Management presents a special on the Mitsubishi Evolution I-III PlugIn ECU. From 16th September – 20th September 2019, the #EVO3+ will be on sale at the following pricing: 

$999 NZD 
$999 AUD 
$795 USD 
€695 EUR
£595 GBP

The EVO3+ can be secured through any Link ECU Dealer at these special prices (excludes local taxes and shipping) if you order before the 20th September. Find your dealer today!

T’s & C’s:
*The special pricing will operate from open of business Monday 16th September until close of business Friday 20th September worldwide.
*Online orders via the Dealer web-store only.
*Strictly while EVO3+ stocks last.

V1-3 ECU – compatible with the following EVO engines:

Vehicle Model Engine Number Chassis Code
Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution I (EVO1) 4G63 CD9A
Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution II (EVO2) 4G63 CE9A / CD9A
Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution III (EVO3) 4G63 CE9A
Mitsubishi Lancer GSR 4G92 CD5A

G4+ PlugIn Key Features (Where Applicable):

  • Up to 6D fuel and ignition mapping
  • Precision closed loop cam control (four cam, independent control)
  • Sequential fuel delivery
  • Digital triggering, all OEM patterns
  • OEM idle hardware supported
  • 5D boost control with three switchable tables
  • Motorsport features – antilag, launch, flat shift
  • Continuous barometric correction (on board)
  • CAN port
  • QuickTune – automated fuel tuning
  • Individual cylinder correction
  • USB tuning cable included
  • Stats recording into on-board memory
  • Gear compensations for spark, boost and fuel
  • Real time selectable dual fuel, ignition and boost maps
  • Sync and crank sensors can be a combination of Hall effect, variable reluctance or optical
  • Boost control referenced to gear, speed or throttle position
  • Up to 32Mbit internal logging memory
  • Staged injection
  • Knock with “windowing”