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The gruelling sport of Off-Road Racing is a growing phenomenon around the world. During these multi day races, cars and buggies are put to the ultimate test of endurance.

The suspension, engines and finer components are constantly challenged with high RPM, rough terrain and long straightaways day after day. The gruelling sport requires many repair jobs over the stages of the race. Therefore, also necessary is a team who are equipped to deal with these challenges on-the-fly.

In the Australian Off-Road Racing scene, this team is often a close-knit group of family and friends.

One well established family in the scene is that of the Chapman family based in Cooroy, Queensland. The Chapman’s have seven cars in their family team.

Mum and Dad, Rob and Leila, who started the family business Chapmans Auto Repairs 22 years ago, drive Extreme 4WD Pajero’s. Father Rob won the Production 4WD National Championship in 2012 and Leila’s vehicle is a twin turbo 3L V6 engine, meaning they are no slouches!

Oldest son Clayton has won multiple Australian Championships in the 4WD classes. This year he has made the change to a Razorback buggy built by the Off-Road Shop. Powered by a 2JZ engine (yes, you read that correct!) it produces 500 whp using a Gt35 76 Gen2 Garret turbo and runs on E85 fuel. Controlled by a Link Fury ECU, this is one mean machine to try navigating difficult, dusty off-road surfaces in. Clayton and his co-driver Adam are in their first season with the buggy this year. At the Queensland championship they finished first outright and first in the buggy class.

Check out the buggy being tuned here:

Clayton’s younger brother Stuart and Navigator Michael team up in the Extreme 4WD EVO X powered Triton. This vehicle also runs a Fury ECU and runs E85, producing 400whp.

The team is completed with Rob and Leila’s two daughters Emma and Larissa driving a Production 4WD Class Triton and Pajero each.

Away from the circuit, the family operate Chapmans Auto Repairs and Chapmans Auto Electrical.

Rob and Clayton also specialise in dyno tuning under the banner of Chapmans Performance Dyno-tuning, having upgraded to a 4-wheel Dyno Dynamics dyno in 2013.

The team love Link ECU’s because they see great results while tuning performance engines and have complete control over all features within the engine.

The goal for the whole team is to keep enjoying the races while raising the profile of the sport in Australia. Clayton, being the competitive one, will certainly be looking to claim another Australian Championship title in the buggy in the near future!

Link ECU wishes the team all the best for the rest of the 2019 season.

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