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Summernats ’19 burnout champion


Summernats is labelled as Australia’s biggest horspower party, where car enthusiasts descend on the capital city for a weekend of performance cars, cruises, burnouts, rock’n’roll and more.

The Burnout competition is central to the event. Hosted in a purpose built burnout facility, the event attracts the best cars not only from Australia but from all over the world.

Mick Hamon in his VE Commodore, WIDE OPEN took the win this year at SUMMERNATS 32. Mick, from Sydney, competes regularly in the car, extracting maximum performance from the LS block engine.

Photo by Summernats

The methanol fuelled Holden utilises Link G4+ Thunder ECU & engine management to ensure the engine can handle the revs and load while spinning the rear tires for over 60 seconds.

Justin at BYE Performance in Western Australia rewired the car in-house. Pictured here is the Link G4+ Thunder ECU & fuse box. The team monitor fuel/oil pressure, PCV, and utilise 8 channel EGT’s to make fuel corrections on every cylinder.

WIDE OPEN puts out approx. 1000rwhp, though Justin has only been able to record 910rwhp at 6400rpm on skid tyres before hitting the dyno road speed limit. The RPM limiter is at 7800rpm.

Engine specifications:

Methanal fuel

Mechanical fuel pump

Dry Sump setup

LSX Block, 408cube LS engine built by BYE Performance

Powerglide Transmission

Sheet Metal 9” Diff

8/71 Littlefield Supercharger

JBR Carbon injector Hat

16x Injectors running 2650cc per cylinder, 1000CC for the injector hat and 1650CC for each cylinder

BYE Performance

(08) 9451 9696

84 Ewing Street, Welshpool WA 6106

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