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Ford KA Time Attack Car

Here at Link Engine Management, we are always impressed with the chassis and engine combinations our customers come up with! This one is special. Not only unique, it is also capable of winning in national level TimeAttack events in the UK.

When you mention the words “Ford KA” does supercar slayer come to mind? Time attack hero? Track monster? The truth is, none of them appear in the same sentence. Ka’s are quite frankly renown for Rusty Fuel filler caps, Sills that are none existent and they were the 18 year old girls dream car prior to the Fiat 500! That is up until Gari Cottrill, a building surveyor, got his hands on a Straight, Rust-free Ford KA (Yes, there is some out there) and a Super Clean Mitsubishi EVO. A plan was then concocted in late 2015/early 2016!

The car started out in life as a standard 1.6 8V Sport KA pushing a whopping 93 BHP And an Astonishing 0-60 time of 9.7 Seconds this simply wasn’t enough for Gari, he needed more! Thats when the Project started around 10 years ago.

The running gear of the car is a full Mitsubishi EVO 4G63 Engine with EVO 456 Running gear (4WD Included) Running a Norris Designs Dry Sump Kit, Twin 044 Fuel pumps feeding that 4G63 Engine from a superb AU fuel cell with swirl pots and to keep everything cool Gari runs his own custom Rad setup & intercooler setup & Coil on plug kit however, Gari Didnt stop there, the chassis is now fully caged out and now sits on some lovely custom Meister R Coilovers to keep it sturdy through the bends, EVO Brembo’s are also featured with 2 Piece disks and Ferrodo pads, Floor mounted pedal boxes and Competition clutches to lay down the power & a plumbed in fire extinguisher to keep everyone safe!

All of this is powered by the Link G4+ Extreme ECU, Link Can-Lambda Kit and to keep Gari in the know he fitted a Dash 2 Pro.

The interesting thing about the full build is that the shell is not a floor swap, its been designed, fabricated and executed beautifully in his spare time over the course of 18 months, also a novice to racing Gari decided to jump straight in at the deep end with the UK Time Attack Championship in the 4WD Class and from 9 races podium’d 8 Times With a mixture of Seconds and Thirds!

With 7 Third places and One 2nd Place in Time attack he has managed to finish 3rd overall in the championship – deserving a MASSIVE congratulations from all at LINK ECU!

Gari is over the moon with the Car and the hard work from Himself and all the team however, this isnt the finished product, Gari is now back to the drawing board and next year we will see this Sports KA come back with MORE power and MORE upgrades from this years shake down! This certainly is a car to watch next year!

Gari would like to say a big thank you to :

Ed Keating // EDK – Ed Keating Video & Photography
– UK Time Attack Championship
– EVERYONE thats put in effort and time into getting the EVO KA to the position its in now!


Products :

Xtreme ECU

CAN Lambda

Dash 2 PRO



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