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Post Classic Motorcycle powered by Link ECU Atom


Ever wondered what role a Link ECU can play on carbuereted engines?

An aftermarket ECU can be the perfect adjustment tool for older engines, where tuning methods ‘of the time’ revolved around the painstaking process of trial and error. Utilising modern Link G4 Atom ECU‘s, Lindsay Pinker in the Hawkes Bay of New Zealand, has been tuning carbuereted racing motorcyles for over 15 years. The data logging capabilities of a Link ECU allows tuners like Lindsay to revise data such as RPM, oil pressure and cylindar temperature, and make corresponding changes to the timing and fuel mixture. This ensures the engine will be performing at its best for the next practise or race session out on track. Link ECU’s also manage ignition timing and allow for changes to this to be made on the fly. 

Lindsay’s latest build is this 1979 CB750F based Pre-1982 Racer, aimed to be raced at the Phillip Island International Classic Festival in February 2019.



The motorcycle is loosely based on the bikes that the American Honda Team team ran in the “AMA” Superbike Series from 1979 – 1983. Freddie Spencer was the stand out rider on these bikes.

Lindsay says: “The point here is that the Atom is as much a tuning tool as it is used for data logging here for our mixture, timing, throttle position, rpm, oil pressure, oil temperature, and barrel base temperature. It manages ignition coil control control through two wasted spark standard Honda Modern Motorcycle coils. These are triggered through a Link Igniter Module. With a cam sensor the G4 Atom can run four individual coils. This gives individual cylinder timing  where at present I am running the cylinders with independent timing to 1 & 4 and 2 & 3 as pairs.”

“The throttle position sensor driving 3D ignition timing is the huge plus, providing a fully programmable ignition. There is no other factor like 3D ignition timing which can take an engine of an older generation and give it modern reliable management. 3D ignition timing brings life to motors that people would never have imagined, while still making use of the original carburetors. Albeit, the carburetors can now be tuned a lot more accurately with data logging as well. It’s a win/win!”



Specifications of this bike include:

– Series 1 G4 Atom / mounted in a protected housing at the of the bike/away from all other electronics.

– Igniter Module mounted on the inner rear guard behind the oil breather tank.

–    Throttle Position Sensor mounted on Custom made boss/throttle shaft extended to turn the throttle position sensor/for 3D igniton                                 timing.                                                    

–    Oxygen Sensor for Data Logging/carburetors.

–    Temperature sensor at the rear base of the barrels/for Data Logging.

–     Temperature sensor in the sump for data logging.

–     Quick shifter controlled by Link Computer.

–     A Vince and Hyde supplied crankshaft trigger wheel and timing disc.

–     Vince and Hyde supplied crankcase modification for crank sensor fitting.

–     & many more modifications which have taken place over the past thirty years.



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