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All About…. PC Link tuning software


PC Link is a professional engine management system tuning tool designed specifically for use with Link ECUs.

Originally, PC Link was designed to tune vehicles, adjust ECU parameters and watch runtime information.

Now, PC Link can do this and much more. In addition to simply programming an ECU, PC Link provides advanced time saving tuning tools designed by engine tuners for engine tuners. All features are aimed at producing a more accurate and faster tune.

This is not just your typical basic ECU configuration package. PC Link G4X combines real time configuration of all ECU functions, automated tuning, ECU firmware updates and a long list of other features to make the most comprehensive tuning package available.

On top of engine tuning functionality, PC Link includes a data log analysis suite that provides many ways of viewing log files recorded directly to the PC or extracted from the ECU’s onboard memory.

PCLink is a full featured tuning platform aimed at professional tuners but presented in a way that is simple and intuitive to use.

Best of all – it is free to download!

Whether you are a Link ECU dealer or customer, you can download the desktop application and have a look at the maps, check out the Help file and even create a tablet dash display for your ECU.


  • Connect to Link ECUs:

PC Link connect to all models of Link ECUs, with a magnitude of versions still available. View and adjust all parameters in real time. Save and load ECU files. Check and reset ECU diagnostics and fault codes.


  • Customise PCLink:

Design your own page layout to present information in your preferred fashion or use one of the pre-configured layouts. Create layout pages for your most common tuning operations or do all your work on a single page. A tabbed page system allows multiple pages of information to be arranged and quickly viewed.


  • Efficiently Tune:

PCLink has numerous features aimed at increasing tuning efficiency. PCLink can be keyboard or mouse driven. Keyboard shortcuts provide fast access to common functions. Advanced table editing features allow large tables to be edited efficiently.


  •  Context aware help

PCLink comes packages with over 800 pages of help ranging from setup and tuning to wiring and calibration. The help file contains not only help for PCLink, but also topics on wire in ECUs and contains all of the plugin manuals. The help file will automatically open to the topic most closely associated with whats selected on your screen. If you’re not sure what a setting or parameter does, help is only an F1 click away!



PCLink G4X can be used with all G4X based ECUs. Earlier versions of PC Link are also available for download – these can be used with earlier model Link ECU’s.

Firmware is included in the PC Link download.

PC Link operates with all late model Window’s computers, laptops and tablets.

PC Link is available in English and Japanese languages. Spanish & Mandarin (Chinese) coming soon!




Download PC Link here:

More about Link ECU here:



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