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Robbie 20B PP 10.7

Robbie having a run in his 20B PP wagon today at the Meremere fun day. 10.7 at 127mph with a bit left in it for next season.

Posted by Green Brothers Racing Ltd on Saturday, April 21, 2018
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Rotary by Link ECU

We love this video so much, we thought it was worth a share here at linkecu.com!


This 20B PP wagon is tuned by Green Brothers Racing in Tauranga, New Zealand. Seen here at Meremere drag strip, it ran a 10.7 at 127mph on a very ‘safe’ tune.

Green Brothers are true masters when it comes to building reliable rotary engines, with the 180sx of Adam Davies drifting his way to the win at Round 4 D1NZ and the RX7 of Andy Duffin showing consistent form once again this year.


If you are a rotary fan outside of New Zealand – do not fear. We have plenty of amazing tuners around the world who specialize in tuning performance rotary engines.

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