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Remembering Possum Bourne – PossumLink


Today, the 30th april 2018, commemorates 15 years since the passing of New Zealand Motorsport legend Possum Bourne.

Possum played an important part of the history of Link ECU which we continue to acknowledge to this day.

When Link Engine Management began over 25 years ago, as a group of friends producing ECU’s for a hobby, little did they know a world-renowned driver such as Possum would ask them to build and electronic control unit for his WRC rally car. In the early 1990’s a joint venture between Link ECU and Possum Bourne Motorsport saw our first rally specific ECU come to life – the PossumLink.



The PossumLink was one of our first big successes. Used predominantly in WRX rally cars, it proved the reliability and quality of what the folk at Link ECU could produce.

We are proud to recognize Possum’s support when Link Engine Management was a fledgling company. His confidence and belief in our product gave us the exposure to begin growing into the global competitor we are today.

He is remembered as more than just a world-class driver, but as a real good sort.


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