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Link ECU succeeds in the Caribbean


Link ECU wishes to share the success of the following car for the annual Independence Race Meet which took place on the island of St. Vincent and the Grenadines in the Caribbean last weekend. A visiting competitor, Brian Evans, from St. Lucia in his Rubis sponsored Lancer Evolution 6 GSR managed to win the event supported by S.A.R.D Engineering, a Link ECU dealer.

The car is equipped with a Link G4+ Extreme, and uses the full range of #LinkECU temperature sensors and pressure transducers from the Link product line. With the G4+ Extreme Damian was able to monitor all critical engine health parameters, and is quite proud to say that they have never had to replace a sensor.


• Fuel Pressure
• Fuel Temperature
• Oil Pressure
• Oil Temperature
• Engine Coolant Temperature
• Intake Air Temperature
• Manifold Absolute Pressure
• Bosch Wideband Knock Sensor
• NGK NTK Lambda Meter Kit


Outside of the sensor package, Brian’s kit is using two 400 mm harnesses, an ECU header plug supplied by Link, a shielded knock harness supplied by Link and a 3 port boost control solenoid also supplied by Link.


Race functions enabled by the Link G4+ include:
• Launch Control – adaptive ignition cut
• Anti-Lag Turbocharger Strategy
• Flat-Shift
• Oil Pressure engine protection
• Fuel Pressure engine protection
• Closed Loop Knock Control Strategy
• Multi-Select Closed Loop Boost Control Strategy
• Closed Loop Lambda with Trim Limit failsafe
• Driver Warning Lamp


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