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Catching up with Jack Shanahan


Jack Shanahan has won nearly every drift event there is to win in the United Kingdom. This year, he won the Irish Drift Championship, and was runner-up in the British Drift Championship (a Championship he has already won twice previously). Combine these achievements with being a definite fan favorite and simply one of the most humble gentleman you could come across, and you have one of the most promising prospect’s for the future of drift.
At just 19 years old, Jack is the eldest of the Shanahan brother’s making waves in the sport. The Shanahan’s have certainly become one of the cornerstone families in Drifting throughout the UK and Ireland, with younger brother Conor impressing many to take third in the BDC this year, and father John even being dubbed the ‘the spiritual father of Irish drifting on the internet.


Both Jack and Connor on the Podium at Round 1 IDC


It takes the family a huge amount of hard work to reach the level they are at now, including creating a great support network around the boys. Link ECU is extremely proud to have a small part to play in their story so far and we can’t wait to see what the future brings for these rising superstars of who just love to get sideways.


We caught up with Jack after things had settled down now the season is over. Read on to see what he had to say:

Congratulations on your results this season! It must have been a very busy season for you. Describe your year for us..
This year wasn’t as hectic as 2016 because we stuck to a set schedule and only competed in the Irish and British drift championship. Last year we also went further afield to France. Overall, it was an awesome year finally winning the Irish title. Also, to be runner up in the British championship with my little brother in 3rd was an awesome way to finish the season.

Who was your strongest competition?
In the British drift championship Matt Carter was definitely the man to beat… In Ireland there is more than just one strong competitor but Duane Mckeever is definitely the guy that put it up to us this season.

Is drift your full-time job?
It is and it isn’t. I’m still in school and just work for my dad giving him a hand with whatever needs to be done around his shop but most of the time is spent working on the competition cars.

It must be great to have your family constantly supporting you and clearly you support them in return. What’s next for you all? Do you have any aspirations of competing in other countries in the near future?

Yes for the 2018 season we will be building a brand new car and be competing in the Drift Masters Championship which is further East of Europe which is mining based in Poland so I’m looking forward to getting back out there and competing with them guys.

*Conor is too young to participate in Drift Masters so will remain in IDC for another year*


In your opinion, what is the most competitive drift series in the world at the moment?
I think the Irish Drift Championship is up there if I’m honest. Not just because it’s my home series but the talent on this little island is amazing. I’ve competed across Europe before and the IDC is definitely up there compared to that.

Our UK based team have worked closely with you and the IDC with our sponsorship of the series, and we agree it provides epic competition. Link is proud to be a part of it. What do you love about Link products?
The Link range is like none other, you can just get anything for anything basically and we have not had one issue since we put the ECU’s into our cars and anything that was supplied to us by link.

Who is your tuner?
John Allen at West Coast Performance.

We wish Jack all the best for next year in Drift Masters, and can’t wait to follow his progress over the coming years.



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