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A 643whp R53 Mini Cooper..


The boys at Revolution Motor Works in Orange County, California may have created the world’s craziest Mini. It is putting out a staggering 643whp at 31psi on E85. Meet a 2005 MINI Cooper S, called The Bomber. It comes equiped with:

  • Revolution Motor Works 1.7L stroker with Carrillo rods and Arias Pistons and RMW Billet crank and RMW sleeves.
  • Revolution Motor Works one off head, and one off cam. Full port with bigger valves and modified chamber and 12mm head studs (upgrade from 10mm stock).
  • Revolution Motor Works intake manifold with a 3 inch throttle body.
  • Link G4+ Xtreme, Tuned by Shanne Kimball, running traction control and rolling antilag and flex fuel.
  • JCFab turbo kit using a EFR8374 Twin scroll T4 1.05 housing. He also built the Water to Air, and radiator and heat exchanger.
  • Borg Warner speed sensor running to a Road Rage Gages translator then into the Link ECU for logging turbo speed.
  • Four port boost controller running from the Link ECU with 6psi springs in the wastegates. Controlling boost over 45psi.
  • Clutch Masters Twin Disk.
  • Stock 6 speed Getrag with a Quaife LSD.
  • Insane Shaft Axles for the power.
  • FIC 2150’s.
  • Walbro 450 with PWM control through the Link ECU and solid state relay.
  • DW350 with PWM control through the Link ECU and solid state relay.
  • Davis Craig 150 water pump PWM controlled through the ECU for the air to water.

To see this beast in action CLICK HERE

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