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StormG4+ Storm ECU

The Link G4+ Storm ECU delivers performance that rivals any engine management system on the market. This ECU is more than capable of running sequential injection, ignition and variable valve timing on most of today’s engines. The black Storm ECU offers all of the advanced G4+ engine tuning features at an extremely competitive price. 8 x injection & ignition, 8 x analog & digital inputs.

The G4+ Storm offers the latest in high end aftermarket engine management units. You will be stunned by the Link G4+ Storm ECU’s performance, features and reliability.

Designed and built to be the best, the Storm delivers the results, with more functions than normally demanded by both tuner and driver.

Hardware Features

  • Eight saturated injection drives, eight ignition outputs, eight analog volt inputs, eight digital inputs, eight auxiliary outputs*
  • Three temperature inputs
  • Two, thirty four pin, waterproof connector
  • Dual on board knock control
  • CAN / RS232 port

All Link ECUs (Engine Control Units) are 100% New Zealand designed and developed. We also offer a limited lifetime warranty so if your ECU breaks in the normal course of its designed use then we’ll repair or replace, no questions asked.

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