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You are here: Home Products ECU's Plug-In Engine Management Mazda 323 GTX (Familia GTR) DOHC Turbo

Mazda 323 GTX (Familia GTR) DOHC Turbo

Use Link's G4 Plug-In for the Mazda 323 GTX (Familia GTR) DOHC Turbo


Mazda 323 DOHC TurboDiscretely replace your existing computer by using Link's G4 Plug-In.

We strongly recommend that you fit an inlet air temp sensor for optimum running in all driving conditions.

Read more about the powerful LEMG4 Engine Management System

What you need to order

Description Part #
Link Engine Management System

Inlet Air Temp Sensor (Bosch / Delphi) *
DisplayLink *
* Optional                        


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Xtreme G4+

Our latest and even more powerful engine management system has many great new features, and equals or betters any ECU on the market.  Whatever the application, the G4Plus Xtreme's advanced configurability enables today's complex engines to be optimised.

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Free yourself from the constraints of the factory ECU. Link's G4+ Plug-Ins fit discretely inside the original enclosure. Installation is a breeze, no alteration of the factory wiring loom required.

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