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G4Plus_XtremeWire-In Engine Management Systems

Flexible systems are designed to be installed in virtually any application where an electronically controlled engine is fitted. Link's Wire-In Engine Management Systems are fully adjustable using our advanced PCLink tuning software.  Link Wire-In Engine Management Systems come with a multipurpose breakout loom for easy installation.   All Link Wire-In Engine Management Systems can be used with the DisplayLink graphical display.

Plug-In Engine Management

G4 Plug-In board (Nissan GTS/GTR)Dedicated engine management systems built for a specific application (vehicle).  Very little installation is required as they plug directly into the factory ECU connectors.  Link Plug-In Engine Management Systems provide an invisible installation as they are installed in place of the factory circuit board inside the original ECU casing.  Like the Wire-In systems, they are fully adjustable using PCLink tuning software and can be used with the DisplayLink.


As well as advanced Engine Management Systems, Link also manufactures and supplies a wide range of quality tuning tools, ancillary devices and installation accessories:

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Xtreme G4+

Our latest and even more powerful engine management system has many great new features, and equals or betters any ECU on the market.  Whatever the application, the G4Plus Xtreme's advanced configurability enables today's complex engines to be optimised.

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Free yourself from the constraints of the factory ECU. Link's G4+ Plug-Ins fit discretely inside the original enclosure. Installation is a breeze, no alteration of the factory wiring loom required.

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