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Knock light visual display

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Knock light visual display

Posted by corey laurence at November 26. 2011

Hi, I've just wired in my new G4 knocklink visual diplay and its showing det when VTEC comes on.

My setup is a 2L DOHC VTEC turbo. Compression ratio has been reduced with a 2MM cometic headgasket and is sitting around 9.5-9.7:1.

My problem is that when vtec comes on the light shows detination but you dont here it on the knocklink headphones. The car is being road tuned so the timing still needs some attention. At the moment when vtec comes on the timing is set at 20.5deg btdc and 6psi of boost from vtec activated from 5800rpm to 7500rpm and the light flickers the whole time. A/F ratio is 11.7.

I am wondering if the knock light is picking up the extra noise the valve train is producing when vtec is turned on and thinking it is knock? Has anyone experienced this problem and is the a solution for me to sort this out.

Im stumped. Thanks for any help.


Re: Knock light visual display

Posted by Dtech Motorsport at November 27. 2011

Where is the sensor mounted and what type of knock sensor are you using where the sensor is mounted can have a big impact on noise heard.

also what sensitivity and frequency is the knock link set to?





Re: Knock light visual display

Posted by corey laurence at November 27. 2011

Re: Knock light visual display

Posted by corey laurence at November 27. 2011
Hi, I am using the bosch knock sensor that is recommended by link to use with the G4 Visual knock link. I have it placed on the block under the intake manifold where the original sensor was. As far as the sensitivity goes for the the G4 Visual knock link i thought it was self calibrating and i havent seen anywhere that i can calibrate it. It doesnt show any signs of knock when vtec is not on then when it switches on it shows knock and with only 2degs more timing on vtec. Any suggesstions to where i should put the sensor or other things i can try to sort this. Cheers Corey
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