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Link Engine Management Systems

Plug-In and Wire-In, professional engine management and instrumentation. Link ECUs are fully user adjustable via PCLink tuning software. Systems include; fuel, ignition & boost mapping; datalogging; cam mapping; antilag; launch....

Check out our latest G4+ engine management systems - G4+ Xtreme, G4+ Storm, G4+ Atom and our range of G4+ Plug-Ins.

All systems are designed on a basis of excellence, assembled with medical precision delivering a rock solid, repeatable engine performance. Careful thought has been given to ease of installation and tuning so that optimum results can be attained in a minimum of time.

Link Engine Management ECUs cover the range, simple to professional.

For our Premium range of ECUs, see our Vi-PEC range of Premium Engine Management

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Xtreme G4+

Our latest and even more powerful engine management system has many great new features, and equals or betters any ECU on the market.  Whatever the application, the G4Plus Xtreme's advanced configurability enables today's complex engines to be optimised.

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Free yourself from the constraints of the factory ECU. Link's G4+ Plug-Ins fit discretely inside the original enclosure. Installation is a breeze, no alteration of the factory wiring loom required.

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